Wood Fence vs Vinyl Fence Installation

by June 24th, 2021

Adding a fence to your backyard is a huge upgrade, you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner! Fences provide privacy, shade, and safety. And they can even make your yard appear larger because there seems to be more usable area.

Plus, if your neighbors can't see all the toys in your yard then you won't have to worry about putting them away, right?

When you start to look at the different kinds of fences, the styles, materials, designs, and companies, it can get overwhelming to think about. All American Fence and Gate is the premier fence company in Fort Myers, Florida. Give us a call, we have all the answers you need!

In the meantime, vinyl fence or wood fence, let's figure out which is best for you and your yard.

Types of Fences

There are a ton of different fences to choose from, the most popular for ideal home privacy are wooden fences and vinyl fences. There are also chain link fences and aluminum fencing, but those aren't typically used for privacy. 

Vinyl fencing is made from PVC plastic, the same plastic as plumbing pipes which are commonly referred to as PVC pipes. 

Wooden fences are most commonly made from pine wood because it doesn't tend to shrink like other types of wood. Cedar, cypress, and redwood are also used quite often for fencing purposes. For your wooden fence, you want to make sure that the wood you choose is pressure treated and that you seal it with a wood stain that is waterproof. 

Local Codes

Check with your local codes department to see if you need a building permit for your fence. All American Fence and Gate is familiar with the permitting process and can take care of obtaining your permit for you.

If you have a pool or are thinking of getting a pool, there will be certain code requirements that you will have to abide by regarding the fencing that you put around your pool. Always make sure you check with local authorities before starting any work to avoid any penalties that may happen.

Ease of Maintenance 

One of the major benefits of vinyl fencing is that it's extremely easy to take care of. You can rinse them with your garden house a few times a year and that's it. 

Wooden fences will need to be power washed and restained every few years. If there is a good amount of dirt or mold you would have to wash the wood with a gentle soap. Wooden fences will rot if they are not taken care of properly.

Make sure that you seal your wooden fence six to twelve months after you install it. It is suggested that you wait six to twelve months so that the wood and the posts can settle and dry completely. 

Investing in a power washer would most likely be a good idea with ether fencing because it would make cleaning the fence a lot easier!

For ease of maintenance, we would side with vinyl fencing. 

Ease of Repair

Repairing wooden fences is as easy as taking down the damaged pieces and replacing them. Vinyl fencing is generally more durable than wood fencing and wouldn't need as much repair as a wooden fence. But since the materials cost more and you would usually need to replace entire panels it is much more costly. 

In the ease of repair department, we would go with wooden fences. 

The Style You Desire 

You can achieve almost any look you want with vinyl or wood fencing. Wood can be painted just about any color you like, and vinyl comes in multiple designs and colors as well. 

Six-foot privacy fences, decorative two-foot fences, and everything in between. Look at the houses in your neighborhood to get an idea of what kind of fence would be ideal. 

Add solar fence lights to any fence to create perfect mood lighting for your yard and patio area. Add solar flood lights above any gates if you need more task-oriented lighting.

Vinyl vs Wood Fence 

In the debate of vinyl vs wood fence, it would honestly depend on your budget, style, and how much fencing you need. Overall, we would probably pick vinyl fences. Upfront vinyl costs a little more but they last a lot longer than wood fences and are a lot more durable.

But it really is all about your wants and needs!

If you are in the market for fencing in Fort Myers, Lee County, Charlotte County or Hendry County contact us at All American Fence & Gate today for a free quote! 

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