Wood and Vinyl - the two most common fencing options in Lee County, Charlotte County and Hendry County

by December 4th, 2020

Wood and vinyl are the two most common fencing options in Lee County. They are affordable, durable, and they can both add value to your house. Choosing between the two can be challenging, especially if you don't have a pro to guide you.

You have come to the right place if you plan to install a new fence. This guide will take you through the wood vs vinyl fencing options so that you can choose the best one based on your needs and preferences.

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The Main Comparison Aspects: Wood vs Vinyl Fencing

Every fence has its pros and cons. You can make a better decision when you know these pros and cons. Here are the main differentiating aspects between wood and vinyl fencing in Lee County.

Maintenance Issues - Vinyl Wins

Maintenance is a top consideration for people looking forward to installing a new fence in Lee country. While some people would like a fence with no stressful maintenance needs, others will be happy to take care of their fences regularly.

The maintenance requirements, therefore, narrow down to your choices. 

Vinyl is easier to maintain than wood. After installation of vinyl fence, rarely will it need any maintenance. The only thing you can do once in a while is to hose it to remove dirt, but the rain will do the job for you most of the time.

Wood requires regular maintenance to retain good aesthetics and stability. You’ll have to stain and treat wood regularly to prevent rot. If you choose it, be prepared to choose the best quality timber. 

Aesthetics - Both Are Great

As a homeowner, you must be concerned about the aesthetics of the fence. The ideal fence should contribute to the beautiful appearance of your home.

Vinyl fencing boasts a modern, flawless and beautiful look, while wooden fence boasts a traditional, warm and natural look. Since both fences are appealing to the eye, it's upon you to choose the best according to your style. 

You will only need to find a great Lee County fence installation expert to install the fence properly since such a factor will influence the final look of your fence.

The Installation Costs - Vinyl Is Relatively Pricier

Fencing installation costs depend on the material, labor, project size, and the installation company. 

In terms of material, vinyl usually costs more than wood. Nevertheless, the price margin is meager, and at times, it can be the same depending on where you source your materials from and who installs the fence for you.

The Return on Investment - Vinyl Wins

You must be worried about the return on investment if you intend to sell your Lee County house in the future.

Vinyl promises higher returns when compared to wood. Even though you incur a higher installation cost, the maintenance costs are quite low, translating to higher returns.

Before you choose any fence, ask yourself how long you wish to stay in the house. Vinyl will be best if you will be living in the same house for more than a decade. Wood is great for a few years and then it will need maintenance. 

Durability - Vinyl Wins

Many homeowners in Lee County look for strong fences to endure strong winds and weather conditions. 

If durability is your primary concern, vinyl fencing material would be the ideal option. Vinyl is strong and can last for a long time if installed by an expert. 

The durability can be an added advantage if you wish to sell the house in the future because you will not have to worry about changing your fence. Wood is strong too, but it has a shorter life span.

An Abundance of Styles, Colors, and Textures - Both Are Great

You can find vinyl in multiple colors, shades, and textures. The sheer volume of options means that you can choose the best color or texture, which would make your house stand out in the neighborhood.

Similarly, you can stain wood in any color, which gives you flexibility on the color you can pick.

Privacy- Both Are Great

Some homeowners add fences for security purposes, while others for aesthetic reasons. If security is your primary concern, you will need a fence that shows little or no details of your house. 

Both vinyl and wood fences can offer that. You must inform the contractor of your intention to install it in a way that meets your privacy needs.

When to Choose Vinyl Fence

Vinyl is the best option if your home is large and want to boost its future resale value. Vinyl fencing is great, too, if you need a fence that won't need regular maintenance such as painting and replacement. 

However, be prepared to pay a slightly higher amount for the installation. Hire an expert too, because vinyl fencing requires careful installation.

When to Choose Wood Fencing

Wood is one of the conventional yet effective methods of fencing. You can choose it when you need to add a traditional touch to your house. You can choose it too if you're on a budget because the installation costs are lower. 

Find an Expert for Your Fencing Needs

Get in touch with experienced fencing contractors when you finally make your decision on wood vs vinyl fencing. 

The ideal fencing installation expert in Lee County will inspect your property and help you pick the right fence that would add value to your property.

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We handle all types of fences with more emphasis on chain links, wood fences, vinyl, and aluminum fences. If you own a residential home in Lee, Charlotte or Hendry counties, contact us to take care of your fencing needs.

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