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Port Charlotte - we are your #1 Choice for Fencing Installation. We love working with Port Charlotte homeowners, offering great service and excellent workmanship. We are your most trusted fence contractor in all of Port Charlotte

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We are dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer service while providing top-quality materials and professional installation—one fence at a time.


Sean was professional, honest and did everything he said he would. I would highly recommend him for any job

Verified Customer
Rich C.

Friendly, professional, and just a good guy. Would recommend to my mother

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Kevin O.

Very responsive from the moment we were in contact. Professional and got the job done, very satisfied with the service!

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Shonda W.

Vinyl Fence

Are you looking for a fence contractor to provide you with privacy and security for your backyard? A Vinyl Fence is a great fence to install to give you all the privacy and security you are looking for. As your favorite fence contractor in Port Charlotte, we can help!

We install only top-quality vinyl fence material with a wind rating of 110 mph. Our vinyl fence is made of virgin material with a double layer of sunscreen. This keeps your vinyl fence bright and white.

Unlike others who use recycled material, our material is virgin, which helps keep it flexible enough to withstand higher wind ratings.

Vinyl fence comes in various colors and color combinations, with white vinyl, tan vinyl, white, and tan vinyl combo being the top choices among Port Charlotte residents. Keep your family safe and secure with a Vinyl Fence installed by the number one Port Charlotte fence contractor—All American Fence and Gate.


Chain Link Fence

Are you looking for a fence contractor to help you keep your loved ones safe and secure in your backyard? As your favorite fence contractor in Port Charlotte, we can help!

A Chain Link Fence is a great fence to mark the boundaries of your yard for all your loved ones, even the four-legged furry ones. A Chain Link fence allows you to keep the open feel of your yard while keeping unwanted visitors and loved ones in. Chain Link Fencing comes in various colors, with black and galvanized being the favorites of your Port Charlotte neighbors.

As fence contractors, we have installed 4', 5', and 6' high residential chain link fences in Port Charlotte. Chain Link Fencing is the most affordable type of fence and can be a perfect solution for anyone on a budget.

Keep your family safe and secure with a Chain Link Fence installed by the number one Port Charlotte fence contractor—All American Fence and Gate.


Aluminum Fence

Looking for a fence contractor to install an aesthetically pleasing fence? An Aluminum Fence is a great fence to add value to your home while providing boundaries for your loved ones. As your favorite fence contractor in Port Charlotte, we can help!

Our Aluminum Fencing comes in various styles, including 2 rail, 3 rail, and the ever-so-popular Puppy Picket, made especially for our cute furry loved ones. Port Charlotte residents' most popular color for an aluminum fence is bronze, with black being a close second and white as a third choice.

With this Aluminum Fencing, you can proudly display your HOA-approved fences. Made from the finest aluminum and powder coated for a finish that will never chip or rust, these fences meet all HOA standards and come with a Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty.

Aesthetically add value and style to your home and keep your furry family members from squeezing through with an Aluminum Fence installed by the number one Port Charlotte fence contractor—All American Fence and Gate


Wood Fence

Feeling the need to hire a fence contractor to help you secure your property and add privacy to your backyard? A Wood Fence is a great fence to add privacy and security to your backyard with a very natural look and feel.

We hand build each of our wood fences instead of using the prefab panels you can purchase at the hardware stores, as many other Port Charlotte fence contractors use. Our hand-built fence panels are made with heavier duty wood, giving our fences more stability and durability.

There are many styles of Wooden Fencing, including Port Charlotte customers' favorite—the 6' High Board to Board Privacy Fence. We also install Shadowbox Fencing, Board on Board, and the new and popular Horizontal Wooden Fencing.

Secure your property while maintaining a natural feel with a Wood Fence hand-built by the number one Port Charlotte fence contractor—All American Fence and Gate.



Lifetime Manufacturer Warranties Available on Vinyl and Aluminum Fences


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You can reach out to our team of fencing experts via phone, email, or contact form. Before long, one of our expert representatives will get in touch with you to schedule an in-person consultation at your home. During this visit, they'll discover your fencing needs and wants and assess the work involved. 


Finalizing the Paperwork

 We will email you the estimate and if it is agreeable to you, you can accept and sign the contract right online. This will prompt our office staff to begin working on your paperwork, permits and material orders.


Fence Installation

Our crew will arrive at your home at the agreed time and day. Weather permitting, they'll work tirelessly until you're 100% satisfied with the job. Depending on the scope of the work, you could have a brand new fence by the end of the day. 


Tidy Up Operations

Integrity is the practice of showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral principles.

Final Inspection

One of our senior representatives will inspect the fence with you to ensure you're satisfied with the job.




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How We Became the #1 Fence Contractor in Port Charlotte

  • Our Story

    Several years ago, our new puppy, Mia, needed a place to run and play. She loved the backyard and all of our neighbors' backyards too! We needed to contain her and protect her from running off and getting lost, or worse, roaming into a street at the wrong time. We decided the best option was to hire a fence contractor.

    We called several fence companies for quotes. Most didn't answer the phone, so we left messages. They did not call us back. The ones who answered made appointments for the quotes and then did not show up. As entrepreneurs, we immediately saw the need for a professional fence company that answers their phones, returns calls, shows up for appointments, provides superior customer service, has constant and consistent communication, and installs a beautiful fence. Hence, our new fence contractor business - All American Fence and Gate - was born!

  • Our Team

    Our family of team members for Port Charlotte is completely dedicated to providing all our Port Charlotte customers the best experience possible throughout the process of their fencing project. Our Port Charlotte sales team takes pride in being highly responsive to potential customers.

    We take our time with each Port Charlotte customer to ensure we will accomplish their needs and wants with the correct fence type and style. We have the knowledge and experience to help various Port Charlotte customers and are always happy to answer any questions along the way. Our Port Charlotte office staff is dedicated to making the process easy and smooth for each of our Port Charlotte customers . From the beginning, we will assist all Port Charlotte customers with their HOA approval process and fill out all the necessary paperwork. Our team of experts is exceptionally knowledgeable and quick and proficient at the process when it comes to permitting, ensuring that your Charlotte County permit will be approved as quickly as possible in each jurisdiction. Our Port Charlotte project manager ensures that all the materials are correctly ordered for each customer. He meets with the installers to discuss and plan each fence project to ensure we provide the customer with exactly what they want. He is dedicated to providing each customer with complete satisfaction by carefully inspecting each fence upon completion. Our installers study the approved permit and pay careful attention to all the details of the fence layout, ensuring that our Port Charlotte customers are happy. They work tirelessly to ensure that your fence is securely fastened, straight, strong, and level. As Port Charlotte fence installers, we take pride in each fence we install and leave your yard clean and beautiful. 

  • Meet the Founders: Sean and Cheryl Miller

    Sean and Cheryl relocated from Pennsylvania to Southwest Florida in 2011. They are the parents of 5 daughters and 5 grandchildren. They live at home with their dog, Mia, who still loves her fenced in backyard! (Built by Sean himself). They enjoy spending time with friends and family.

    They also enjoy spending time in Central Florida, where they own a camp. Sean likes to hunt there, and they both love riding their ATVs along the trails. When they realized there was a need for a Charlotte County fence company, they embraced the idea. Having been self-employed and business owners for most of their careers, they were naturals to form the new fence contractor business - All American Fence and Gate.

Permitting in Port Charlotte


Port Charlotte requires all homeowners to obtain a permit to install any type of fence.

Click Here for the Port Charlotte Fence Code.

As your Port Charlotte fence contractor, we are very knowledgeable and experienced in obtaining Charlotte County permits for all our customers. We will apply and submit all the necessary paperwork while following all the Port Charlotte guidelines, making the process smooth and easy for you.

As a Port Charlotte fence contractor, the most common type of fence we install is a fence that is 6' or less in height and is not being used to protect a swimming pool.

Click here for the Charlotte County Fence Permitting Forms.

Charlotte County also uses an online platform for submitting all permits and supporting documentation. As a Port Charlotte fence contractor, we have access to the online portal system and use it for our Charlotte County permits.

Click here for the Charlotte County Permit Access Portal.


Why Hire a Licensed Fence Contractor


In Port Charlotte, it is required to be a licensed contractor in order to do fence installation.

In order to become a licensed contractor, one must meet several requirements. These requirements are in place in order to protect the residents of Port Charlotte.

In order to become a licensed fence contractor, first, you must take classes in Business Management and Fence Construction. The Business Management course is important because it teaches how to properly manage a business, including good accounting procedures, hiring guidelines, and business ethics. The construction course is very important as it teaches how to properly install a Vinyl Fence, a Chain Link Fence, a Wood Fence, and an Aluminum Fence. It also teaches you how to properly and fairly quote and estimate each job and the necessary and proper fence materials.

You must pass a test on each subject before moving forward with your contractor license.


In addition to taking and passing the contractor courses, you must prove that you have worked with a mentor contractor for at least four years. It is necessary to prove that you have extensive experience in construction under the careful guidance of a licensed contractor.

Also included in the requirements to become a licensed contractor in Charlotte County, you must prove your creditworthiness as an individual and the creditworthiness of your business. This may seem a silly requirement on the surface, but it is very important for the protection of the residents of Port Charlotte. Showing creditworthiness shows that the potential contractor is someone who believes in paying their bills on time, has not walked out on financial responsibility, and uses credit to an advantage and not a disadvantage.

In addition to the above requirements for a contractor license, one must obtain liability insurance and workers comp insurance. This is extremely important to Port Charlotte residents because if something happens while on a resident's property during fence installation, the company's insurance will cover the mishap. Without liability insurance and workers comp insurance, the contractor could file a lawsuit against the homeowner, depending on the circumstances.


Finally, once the potential contractor has completed all of the above steps, he will have to personally appear before the Contractor Licensing Board and answer any questions they may have. The board will then vote on the worthiness of the potential contractor. Once the board has approved your worthiness, you have now been granted a contractor license in Port Charlotte.

Now that you have your contractor license, you are bound by the rules of Port Charlotte. Rules that are in place to protect their residents. Some of these rules deal with proper fence construction, proper permitting procedures, and proper code compliance.

By reading the requirements a contractor must go through to become licensed, it may become obvious to you the advantages of hiring a licensed contractor versus a non-licensed contractor.


A big advantage of a licensed contractor is that they can legally pull a permit for your fence installation. Having the contractor pull the permit puts the liability of proper installation on the contractor and not you as the homeowner.

The fence contractor is now responsible for following all zoning guidelines and good fence installation guidelines, including proper fence specifications and ensuring that the gates are correctly installed and operational.


If you were to hire an unlicensed contractor, you would face several issues regarding permitting. The first issue is that your unlicensed contractor can not pull a permit for your fence installation.

You, as the homeowner, must apply for and obtain the permit.


Why Is Hiring an Unlicensed Contractor a Risky Move?

Simple, because the entire fence installation is your responsibility and liability. Suppose this unlicensed fence contractor makes any mistakes in the fence installation or places it over your property line, causing a zoning violation. In that case, you as the homeowner are completely responsible for fixing any fence installation issue or zoning violation.

Since there is no recourse on this unlicensed fence contractor, they may not feel the need to fix anything for you and could walk away with your money and leave you with an improper fence installation.


So as you can see, hiring a licensed fence contractor instead of an unlicensed fence contractor makes sense.

You, as the homeowner, will have less liability, less responsibility, and are more likely to have a proper fence installation without any violations if you hire a licensed fence contractor.

If you are considering a new fence for your home, it is important to hire a licensed fence contractor.


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