Everything You Need to Know About Wood Fence Installation

by September 7th, 2021

In 2020, the whole world turned to their garden for comfort as lockdowns and quarantine loomed. Sales of seeds and plants were up, as was the spending on garden items. If you found yourself spending more time in your yard and wanting more privacy, a fence is an obvious option. 

The costs and installation of a fence can vary greatly. Read on as we break down costs and give our guide on wood fence installation. 


Generally, a fence installation company will split its workforce into two. These are the people who install the fence, and those who estimate the cost. 

The estimator will begin by measuring the area in which you want to place this fence, either with a wheel or tape measure. Following this will be a discussion with you regarding the type of fence, materials, and shape. After they will calculate the price for the fence and its installation. 

Choosing the Right Type of Fence

The type of fence you choose depends on your property and your needs. For full privacy fence installation, you need a closed board fence. It is comprised of overlapping boards that do not allow gaps but provide added strength. 

For anyone wanting to denote a boundary but without blocking the light, the traditional picket fence always works. While it does not offer any privacy, it can seriously increase the curb appeal of your property. You may also wish to use trellis if you want to incorporate creeping, climbing plants into your borders. 

Get the Right Permits

Before installing your fence, make sure you have the correct permits. This applies if you are doing the build yourself or hiring someone to do it for you. Without it, you may be fined or have to take the fence down. 

Out of courtesy, you should also discuss your plans with any neighbors. While laws may not apply, it may help your relationship if you at least ask when you erect a barrier between the properties. 

Materials and the Fence Installation Cost

Typically, you can expect to pay between $3,000 to $6,500 USD for a fence. However, a number of factors can alter this final sum. It is not uncommon to pay much more than this, or less if you have a small yard. 

The types of wood, style of the fence, and height and length can all add to the cost. If you want gates added, you will also need to budget for these. Never forget to also add the cost of permits to your overall budget. 

A number of extra services could also increase the price. If you need trees or bushes removing, your price will start to climb. This is the same if you also need the old fence taking out and disposing of. 

Finding a Contractor

When finding a contractor for fence installation, make sure you do your research. Look for a trusted, local company that has a sound reputation. You could ask friends and family if they have used anyone before, or check online for recommendations and reviews. 

Make sure you interview any potential candidates. A good company should not make you rush your decision. Expect a written estimate that is transparent about the costs involved. 

Don't be afraid to question the potential company for their advice. Ask them what materials they would recommend, what the time frame will be, and if they provide a warranty. 

How to Install a Fence

If you do decide to install the fence yourself, there are a number of important steps you have to take. The guide below is simply an overview that shows the basic steps. 


The most important part of your preparation will be the measuring. Start with a number of stakes, driven into the ground where your fence posts will sit. Between these, tie a piece of string to denote where the panels will be situated. 

Place extra stakes at around six-foot intervals on the string line. Make sure the string always sits on the outside, so you do not get confused as to which side the posts will be on. 

Prepare the Holes

Digging the holes can be back-breaking work, so you may choose to hire a power auger. In certain areas, you will need to make sure you dig below the frost line. These vary by region but prevent heave as the ground pushes the posts up. 

When done, fill the holes with around six inches of dry concrete mix. Set a post, check it is flush, then use a brace to hold it in place. Continue this with the rest of your posts. 

Fill in the holes using a concrete mix. This may be a regular set or fast set concrete mix. For the fast set, you should pour the dry mix in then add the water to the top of it. 

Add Fence Rails

Fences usually have three rails. Start by measuring the position of the top and bottom rail and marking with string to assess where the middle one should go. You can then begin attaching the rails followed by the boards. 

After this, you just need to finish up. Make sure you spend time cutting down the top of the posts so it stays at a uniform height. You may also want to paint or add a stain to the fence. 

Wood Fence Installation

Now you know the cost and process of wood fence installation, you can decide on how you will approach it. Choose the right fence, and decide if you will install it yourself or get someone to do it for you. 

All American Fence and Gate should be your first stop for products and installation. Serving Charlotte County, Hendry County, and Lee County, we can provide all your fencing needs. Contact us for a free quote and let us build your border starting today. 

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