9 Reasons to Get an Aluminum Fence for Your Home

by August 17th, 2021

You're looking to install a fence around your property. You're trying to choose a material. At this point in time, you're focusing on aluminum. 

The question you have, however, is: What can an aluminum fence provide to you? What are the benefits of aluminum residential fencing? We're going to review nine of them below! 

1. It Looks Great

Generally speaking, homeowners want their fences to enhance the look of their properties. Unfortunately, not all fencing materials do this.

Aluminum fencing, however, does a great deal to add to a property's overall aesthetic. Sleek and modern, it brings strength and class to a property. It marks a property as being high-end and helps to impress passersby. 

There are other materials that do this as well but aluminum is in the fray. It's certainly a material that should be considered, at the very least. 

2. It's Resistant to Water

One of the biggest problems that residential fences face is water exposure. Regular rain can put quite a bit of wear and tear on a fence, causing it to bow out before its time. This is particularly true of materials like wood (which warps when exposed to water) and wrought iron (which rusts when exposed to water). 

Fortunately, aluminum fencing doesn't rust. As such, it suffers essentially no trauma when exposed to rain. This makes it perfect for a state like Florida, where rainfall is extremely common. 

3. It's Resistant to Sunlight

Just as aluminum fencing stands strong against water exposure, it also stands strong against sunlight exposure. Again, in a place like Florida where the sunlight is strong, this can be highly beneficial. 

Many other fencing materials don't possess this defensive capability. Wood fencing, for example, is highly susceptible to sunlight and will warp prematurely if exposed to it on a regular basis.

4. It's Reasonably Affordable

Aluminum fencing isn't the cheapest of the fencing materials. That distinction belongs to chain link fencing. That said, considering its many functional and aesthetic capabilities, aluminum fencing is really quite affordable. 

It's cheaper than steel fencing and it's cheaper than wrought iron fencing. Nonetheless, its look is quite similar to these two materials. It even sports similar functionality, standing up against rain, sunlight, and direct physical trauma. 

No, it doesn't last as long as steel or wrought iron, but it still pushes 70 years. As such, it's arguably the best bang-for-buck fencing material in existence. 

5. It's Easy to Maintain 

Because aluminum fencing is resistant to water and because it's resistant to sunlight, it's generally extremely easy to take care of. It doesn't need to be sealed, it doesn't need to be de-rusted. It's built to withstand everything that nature has to throw at it. 

In most cases, the only maintenance required for an aluminum fence is cleaning. Scrub the fence down one time a year and you should be golden.

6. It's Durable

Though it might not be the most durable fence material in existence, aluminum fencing still possesses top-notch durability. Due to its strength as well as its resistance to water and sunlight, it can usually stretch out to 75 years of use. 

This is shorter than wrought iron and steel but quite a bit longer than composite, vinyl, wood, and chain link. So, if you're looking for a material that will last the long haul, you have to give aluminum some consideration.  

7. It's Easy to Clean

At some point, you're going to have to clean your fence. If you don't, it will start to look faded and worn. The trouble is that some materials are difficult to clean. 

For instance, wood fencing possesses grains and pits. These can be difficult to get into and generally require a good deal of scrubbing. 

Chain link, on the other hand, possesses an intricate series of loops and turns. These can take a great deal of time to get to and are usually not receptive to power washing. 

Aluminum, however, is smooth, spaced out, and easy to get to. It can be cleaned by hand, by a pressure washer, and through a variety of other means. The cleaning of an aluminum fence shouldn't ever take more than a few hours. 

8. It's Simple to Install

When it comes to installation, not all fences are created equal. For instance, whereas wood fence installation can be a little tricky, aluminum fence installation is exceedingly simple. 

See, aluminum fences come in uniform pressings. These pressings consist of several bars, all of which are the same height. As such, as long as you can dig holes and pour concrete, you can install an aluminum fence

9. It's Highly Secure

If security is your main priority, you can't go wrong with an aluminum fence. This material is strong and is almost impossible to smash through. In addition, due to the way that it's laid out, it's almost impossible to climb as well. 

Not only will an aluminum fence help to deter intruders but it will also work to confine dogs and kids. The only thing you have to make sure of is that the bars are close enough together so that your dogs can't squeeze through them. If you have a smaller dog you may want to consider puppy picket aluminum fence as your material.

In truth, the only materials that provide security comparable to aluminum are steel and wrought iron. 

Ready to Install an Aluminum Fence in Lee County FL?

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