5 Signs You Need a New Fence

by June 24th, 2021

There are a number of signs you need to watch out for. Some of these can be signals that additional maintenance is required, but others mean that you should begin to price a new fence installation. Here are the top five things you should look out for, which means it’s probably time to get a new fence for your property. 

1. Rot or Holes 

When you have a wood fence, rot is always something you’ll have to contend with. The causes of rot are many and varied, and there’s no real way to completely protect against it. You can be on the lookout for signs, and if you notice boards starting to rot, you can replace them on an individual basis. 

However, despite all of this, sometimes rot will be in places that aren’t easy to repair, or it can become so pervasive that there’s no point in trying. If you begin to notice holes in the wood slats of your fence, or in the poles it is constructed on, this might be a good time to get a new fence installation. A fence that is rotting won’t serve any purpose at all. 

Because of the average cost of a new fence, you want to make sure that you take all the steps necessary to protect your wood. Make sure that you know when to stain your new fence, and that you keep it painted or sealed against moisture. 

2. The Fence Has Begun To Lean 

Sometimes this can be an easy fix, but other times you’ll find more pervasive damage. If a fence isn’t installed properly, the posts are often not protected against the elements, or anchored correctly. This can mean that over time wind and water will cause the fence to begin to lean. 

If this is accompanied by wood warping, the chances that you can repair your fence go down dramatically. If you notice that sections of your fence are leaning, consider replacing them immediately. If you suspect that your fence wasn’t installed correctly, then you should consider getting a new one. 

3. Tree Growth 

A tree can be a beautiful thing in your yard, unfortunately, it can also be incredibly destructive. If you notice trees have grown up near your fence, even if they aren’t on your property, you should consider replacing or moving your fence. Over time roots can become invasive and destroy or damage your fence. 

If possible, try to keep trees away from your fence. This isn’t always something you can do, and you could even have a conflict with your neighbors about it. You can also look at this as an opportunity to change or completely reinvent your fence. New fence ideas and materials are always coming available. 

4. Fence No Longer Serving a Function 

This is an interesting one, and it is entirely up to what you want a fence to do. If your fence no longer provides you with adequate protection for privacy or from the elements, you may consider replacing it. The materials you use can also change, depending on your needs. 

You may have a chain-link fence, and that could have served you well before. However, life circumstances change, you may have new pets or children or other factors which make you want a sturdier or more protective fence. Consider looking into vinyl or wood fences if this is the case.

Of course, not all reasons for getting a new fence are bad. Often you may want to update the look of your property or change the way it is viewed from the outside. Fences are great because they offer you a lot of flexibility and can be changed in many different ways. 

5. Major Damage Natural or Accidental 

It goes without saying that we are often victims of our environment. This is true no matter where in the country you live. A strong storm, severe weather phenomena such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and natural disasters can always strike. Whether it is flooding or earthquakes, fences will become damaged. 

In the aftermath of a natural disaster, make sure to go over your fencing and check it for damage. Often you will notice that the damage is so severe, with buckled sections, broken metal clasps, or other obvious signs of damage, that you need to get a new fence. 

For those who live in Florida, the reality is that you can get almost all of these disasters, with the possible exception of earthquakes. If your fence is damaged, you’ll want to know how much does a new fence cost in your area. For that, you can check with a reputable installer, often they will even have financing available

Fences and Your Property 

So you have discovered that you need a new fence, and you are ready to take the next step. That’s great, an old fence can make your property look bad, or undesirable. No one wants a fence that ruins the look of their home or yard. Once you’ve decided to replace the fence, where can you go to get started? 

If you live in SW Florida, you should know that the #1 fence installer in your area is excited to get to work for you. All American Fence and Gate is here to help you with everything from the new fence cost, to what it is made out of, to how you want it installed. We have the experience and skill to make your fence beautiful again. 

Contact us today to schedule a fence installation!

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